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Advanced technology for manufacturing implants, abutments, and clear aligners

digital denture

Crystal Ultra® Hybrid restorations are 60% lighter than Zirconia-based arches, 6x stronger than Acrylic arches and the most functional and aesthetic hybrid in the industry. Ultra-light, flexible, and chariside repairable are just a few of the reasons Crystal Ultra® is  the best dental material for All on X arches.

Our streamlined in-house abutment system gives your lab the capability to mill titanium custom abutments with full FDA clearance, saving time and money. Combining Digital Dental Abutment Mills, Pre-Fabricated Abutment Blanks, and our robust Quality Management System you can get started today!

Scalable, automated aligner trimming designed for your high production lab.  The patent pending, industrial grade milling machine trims 100 aligners/hour!  Using proprietary cloud-based CAM, elevate your manufacturing to new heights and elminate the costly hassle of hand trimming.

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