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As your dedicated partner, Digital Dental is always here to support you. From world-class technical service and support to consulting services to education, training and beyond, we do whatever we can to make it easy for our partners to succeed in digital dentistry.

Outsource Manufacturing

Digital Dental provides complete outsourced lab services to our partner labs. We focus on production level outsourced milling for high-end, complex restorations such as digital dentures, Crystal Ultra® hybrids and custom abutments, with the intent to help our lab partners rapidly scale in these growing areas of digital dentistry. We can also serve as backup for peak production times for any product line or as insurance in an emergency situation. Our lab uses the same milling equipment and millable materials that we sell to our lab partners, so you can be assured of consistent, high-quality results 100% of the time.

Technical Support

One of the keys to success in digital dental technology is a partner you can rely on to support the use of that technology in your organization. We work very closely with all of our lab clients to ensure that they are highly successful. Our highly trained technicians draw on an expert level industry and systems experience and are always only a phone call away. Plus, support is free to our materials customers and our 100% uptime guarantee says that if your machine is still down at the end of our support call, we will mill your cases at no charge and overnight them to you.


At Digital Dental, our ultimate goal is to make it easy for our lab partners to enter into digital dentistry and thrive within the industry. That’s why we’ve designed comprehensive training programs that make it simpler than ever for labs with little to no experience in digital to become fully skilled in no time. We offer training classes on our CAD/CAM mills, scanners, material handling and restoration techniques regularly at our state-of-the-art training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Labs new to CAD/CAM should plan on 3 days to get themselves fully prepared for production. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment!


Digital Dental is committed to continual advancement in dental restorative techniques. We are constantly learning and growing and we want to help our lab partners do the same. Our willingness and ability to educate our partners is part of what makes it so easy for labs to go digital with Digital Dental. We provide educational tools to help labs learn more about our equipment, materials and restoration techniques, and to help them look forward at developing trends and technologies. We also conduct seminars at trade-shows, host online Webinars and post digital educational and training materials to our website.


When our partners come to us with challenges, we make it our priority to develop a solution. Our passion for innovation and dedication to our customers means that we are continuously creating new restoration techniques, introducing new materials and developing new milling systems and strategies to drive growth for our lab clients. We are partners in the truest sense, working in tandem with production managers and technical experts for our clients to help keep their labs progressing forward and remaining on the leading edge of emerging trends and technologies in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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