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DM5XT Crystal Ultra/Trilor Mill Wet Mill

This hybrid production mill is built for heavy duty 5-Axis milling. The DM5XT also features a 40 degree B axis tilt, the high torque, 2.7kw “Super Spindle,” enabling the DM5XT to power through hard-to-mill hybrid materials, such as Crystal Ultra, Trilor and double cross-linked polymers.

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Superior Mills for Superior Restorations

Digital Dental Mills are purpose-built to be the strongest, most accurate and most durable dental milling machines in the industry

Industrial Grade Construction

Digital Dental Mills are not desk-top mills. Built out of solid 2” thick aluminum billet, these are industry-grade production machines. Their rigidity is the key to consistent, accurate milling. Over time, vibration from milling weakens lesser machinery, leading to degradation in precision and inconsistent results. Our mills’ industrial-grade construction and rigidity provides your lab with high levels of consistency over many years.

Modular Design

Digital Dental Mills are designed for a specific task: to make consistently stunning dental restorations in high-production environments. Our simple modular design has been perfected over 40 years. This design minimizes the amount of potential problems and simplifies maintenance and repair. Properly maintained, a Digital Dental Mill is designed to last for 15+ years in a 24/7 production environment.

Superior Components

Digital Dental Mills utilize only the highest quality levels of componentry. Our ball screws, linear guides, spindles, wiring harnesses and other components are sourced from international milling technology leaders and are assembled in our Southern California facility. We take great care in determining the exact material required to optimize our mills, so they can continue to be the best in the industry.

Flexible CAD/CAM Approach

Digital Dental Mills are compatible with all open system scanners and CAD including 3Shape, Dental Wings and Exocad. Digital Dental mills are also integrated with several leading dental CAM software packages including Delcam, Hyperdent and Millbox. Depending on your lab’s requirements and experience, we can work with you to recommend the right approach for your production needs.