Materials & Ovens

Digital Dental offers a complete solution to fit the needs of every lab with our full line of cutting-edge, high-quality supplies and materials.

Crown & Bridge Materials

Digital Dental features the widest and most innovative set of Zirconia materials and sintering ovens for all your lab’s crown and bridge needs. We provide best-in-class materials in each major product category including White, Pre-shaded and Multilayered; with a focus on providing your lab with the optimal combination of strength, aesthetics, color-matching and processing functionality. Available in both 100mm and 98mm formats.

Custom Abutment Implant Parts

Digital Dental offers labs the only FDA-approved custom abutment milling system. This fully integrated, turn-key solution to custom abutment milling utilizes our purpose-built DM4HD Abutment Mill and Biodenta® abutment implant parts. The result is flawless custom abutments produced in-house with greater cost and time efficiency for your lab.

Crystal Ultra® Hybrid Materials

Digital Dental’s Hybrid restoration combines Crystal Ultra – the strongest, most functional and aesthetic nanoceramic available – with Trilor®, a super-strong resin that bends and flexes under stress. This combination, milled in our specially designed DM5HD mill, results in incredibly durable, beautiful restorations that look and feel like natural dentition.

Digital Denture Materials

Digital Dental offers a wide range of FDA-approved, long-term temporary cross-linked polymer materials ideal for socket-based, print-mill and monolithic digital dentures. All three strategies of digital denture production utilize our high-end materials in combination with the DM5-XT mill, resulting in stunning, highly functional restorations. This is the future of digital dentures.

Matchless Materials for Masterful Restorations

Our first-class materials integrate seamlessly with our CAD/CAM milling machines, making it effortless for Digital Dental’s partners to produce stunning restorations with ultimate accuracy and efficiency.

100mm Diameter = More Units

Digital Dental mills utilize a 100mm format with a specifically designed connecting ring that allows for 10+% more millable surface per disk as compared to the standard 98mm format. This creates much higher yields per disk, generating a built-in efficiency for labs that purchase both our equipment and disks. Most of our materials are also available in standard 98mm format, allowing us to service your complete needs.

Relentless Focus on Quality

Digital Dental provides only the highest quality materials to our customers. We seek out the very best manufacturing and supply partners in the industry, and all our materials are FDA-approved. We work relentlessly to ensure world-class quality control on our material and work in partnership with our customers to identify ways to improve our materials over time.

Constant Innovation

Digital Dental is committed to continually innovating in ways that let us better serve our customers. We constantly monitor the industry for new materials and build partnerships with leading vendors to offer the very best and most cutting-edge products. From our industry-leading nanoceramic, Crystal Ultra, to Trilor resin-bars to the most translucent universal Zirconia products, we have you covered.

Fast Turnaround On Orders

Digital Dental maintains a large inventory of all our materials in our warehouse in Scottsdale, Arizona. This allows us to fill orders quickly and minimizes backorders. As your supply chain partner, we are committed to keeping you in stock, can typically turnaround orders within one day and can expedite shipping if needed so that you can keep your mills running.

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