Mill Abutments in 20 Minutes - Cover 99% of Implants

Titan Mill

Our streamlined in-house abutment system gives your lab the capability to mill titanium custom abutments with full FDA clearance, saving time and money. Combining Digital Dental Abutment Mills, Pre-Fabricated Abutment Blanks, and our robust Quality Management System you can get started today!

Custom Abutment Program

Digital Dental’s FDA-approved custom abutment solution is a great way to bring custom abutment milling in-house. This enables you to control turnaround times while dramatically reducing your costs. With systems compatible with Nobel, Straumann, BioHorizon, Hiossen, AstraTech, Zimmer, Biomet, and more, you can manufacture custom abutments for under $50 per unit in under 30 minutes.

FDA Cleared Custom Abutment Process

Step 1:

3Shape Design

Utilize the 3Shape scanner, abutment design software, and library to design your abutments. 

Step 2:

Preat Ti Blanks

Purchase scan bodies, blanks and pre-forms directly from Digital Dental. Implant Parts are compatible with all major implant platforms.

Step 3:

Titan Mill

The Titan Abutment mill is specifically designed for high-production custom abutment milling. Achieve an excellent fit and finish within an average of 20 minutes.

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator


About this Episode

“… You can do everything in the lab quickly, except the abutments. You already must scan and design them, but when you send them out, how long do you have to wait to get them back? 4 days? A week? Two Weeks? How would you like it in 20 minutes? The Vice President of Preat, Ruben Arebalo, comes on the podcast to talk about his history getting to Preat and taking them from attachments to a complete digital implant restorative solution. The CEO of Digital Dental, Jon Barnes, comes on to talk about getting into dental and running a company that has been making mills since the 70s. They have partnered up to provide a FDA compliant workflow for your lab to mill abutments in your own lab!” -Voices from the Bench

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